Saturday, April 4, 2009

9 week update - Smiles and Slumber

It has been a good week all in all. Abigail keeps me busy during the day, but she hasn't been keeping me busy at night. Sometimes she still wakes up once, but sometimes, she's stretching her sleep to 4 or 5 in the morning (but sometimes she still wakes up between 2 and 3). I am also starting to recognize faster when she is hungry, sleepy, bored or uncomfortable. But she smiles a lot now between all of her various emotions. I still have lots to learn :)

I am becoming more proficient at this breastfeeding thing to and am learning how to cope with blocked ducts, etc., though I confess that breastfeeding hasn't always been easy or without some surmountable frustrations.For moms who read my blog and are interested, I highly recommend the following web-site: They have great information (PDF files), and I wish I had known about the site pre-Abigail.

Friday night, we watched Slumdog Millionaire. We highly recommend the movie - it does a great job drawing attention to international humanitarian issues while not forgetting to weave a story about destiny, redemption and love.

Saturday Rodney finally got back to working on his Jeep. He's been really patient, and now we're finally starting to get back into routines. Hopefully, he'll be able to plug away, get his axles finished, and start getting the frame ready soon :)

She must be thinking, "Mom, you're so silly!"

She fell asleep last night after a long day of errands (and a full tummy).

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Atwood-Family of 4 said...

Hi there-my name is April Atwood-I went to church w/ your parents before they moved. Our little guy was born I think a month exactly after your daughter. I just wanted to encourage you w/ the breastfeeding. w/ my first one it took us 10 weeks to get the hang of it and those 10 weeks were really really hard. looking back on it now, nearly 3 years later, it was definately worth it. it gave her the very best nutrition she could ever get and i'm sure it will continue to help her long into her adulthood. my son, who is 5 weeks old, is a lot easier w/ the breastfeeding. we are not w/o problems but certainly it is much easier the second time around. w/ my daughter i had lots of problesm w/ too much milk, engorgement, infection, etc but the second time around your body seems to "get it" quicker. I didnt have nearly the problems when my mik came in as w/ the first. Hang in there-you're doing something amazing for her that no one else can do or give to her. she's lucky to have you.
If interested, you can check out my blog too.