Wednesday, April 25, 2012

they humored me...

...and I'm so glad they did. Can you tell Abigail wasn't in the mood for picture taking? When we were done snapping a couple pictures, she was off on her merry way.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our little orchard

Today we planted 3 apple and 2 pear trees, and I'm sure we will all feel the joys of our hard work tomorrow! Grass was mowed, logs were moved, holes were dug and trees were planted. Hannah managed the whole process, while Rodney got to play with his new toy - a chainsaw!

I'll post some pictures of the finished product later. I had kitchen duty (ham, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli and fresh pineapple). Yum!

generations of Jeep lovers

Bucket List - Family Camping out West with a "finished" Jeep Scrambler.

scoping out a tree house

We'll add it to the "Daddy Do" list:)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

my baby

I just love her sweet face and chubby cheeks!

the girls


Abigail loves swinging "Higher!" on the tire swing in our drive way. She is most definitely not afraid of heights:) She often tells me, "Higher, Mommy!" Or, "No, I want Daddy to push me."
Our home sits on 10 acres. Everything you see, even the trees is our property. Beautiful. This afternoon, I enjoyed a serenade of the wind in the trees and the birds right outside my window, which helped fuel some ideas for a new blog name! But I'll leave you in suspense for now.

not feeling the love

Alright, so my well-loved little girls were really just unhappy that the grass was slightly damp and dad was late coming home from work. The result - not the happiest Valentine's Day photo shoot. Oh Abigail, you are such a city girl. Life sure is about to change for you!
"Yum, this card sure tastes good!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

an Easter bunny

As I'm sure you can imagine, our current season of life is BUSY! We are in our new home, Rodney is settling into a new job, and our girls are becoming acquainted with new friends. I am figuring out new routines, and blogging has not been priority #1. We had a wonderful Easter weekend here in Illinois. It was filled with an encouraging Good Friday service, a bonfire and Easter egg hunt on Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter dinner with some new friends. I did not take Easter Sunday pictures (even though the girls were matching and quite adorable). My camera battery has been dead for weeks. But here is a silly Easter picture of Abigail taken off of Rodney's phone. The weekend before we went to a small local Easter egg hunt. I love my little posing three year old! She has quite the dramatic flair!

I am settling into all things new, so sometime in the next couple of weeks, I will sit down and update y'all on life. I have pictures dating back to Valentine's Day to share! Oh my! I am overwhelmed right now by the Lord's blessing! He has been so faithful to us during this time of transition. The days have been full of new mercies. It is good to be back in Illinois.