Saturday, February 23, 2013

snow day!

We have had very little snow this year, so the girls have had few opportunities to use their boots, hats and mittens. Even though I didn't really feel like going to the extra trouble of bundling up two little ones, we took advantage of our winter wonderland late Friday morning.

Abigail enjoyed being outside in the snow.

Hannah did not like the snow and spent a good part of the hour outside in her swing. Eventually, she did stop demanding to be held, for which this pregnant mommy was very thankful.She's getting heavy!

And Abigail made her first snow angel :)

sister love

While I was folding laundry, Abigail convinced Hannah to be her baby and take a "nap" in the laundry hamper with a baby, blanket and book. She also read the book to Hannah, which was quite adorable. She's not really reading yet, but did communicate the gist of the story to her younger sister.

Abigail really loves being the boss. While Hannah doesn't always eagerly submit to her sister's every whim, I am thankful that they play together more and more every day. Besides, having to share often gives me many teaching moments as a mommy! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from my girls!

We had a lovely, full day. We enjoyed our normal routine of Thursdays at CBS. Abigail received many Valentines, candy and listened to a special story about Jesus' love for children. And as our normal routine goes, we had Bible Study at our house Thursday night. They were surrounded by people who love them all day!

Hannah is not the most "photo cooperative" (unlike her sister), so I ended up getting a couple good recent pictures of Abigail below. How will I ever manage to capture good photographs of THREE little ones?

More Pictures of the Cousins

I didn't take many pictures when the girls' cousins were here; it was a busy time! But I did capture a couple of photos when everyone was sitting still:)

This is how B and A are most alike - they love the camera!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

pajamas and cupcakes

The girls both got new pajamas and spend as much time in them as I allow. Even though Hannah loves Thomas the Train (like her big sister), she also loves dressing up! 

 We continued the birthday celebrations a week later and had friends over for dessert Friday evening. Abigail requested flower cupcakes. I also made mini cheesecakes, lemon bars, mint brownies, and punch.

Birthday Catch-Up

My baby is four! As most parents say, "She was a baby just yesterday!" And though the time has flown by, and I do feel like it was just yesterday, I also feel like she's been ready to be four for a while. She is truly a little girl now. Her baby and toddler years are long behind her, and I am beginning to see the Lord working in her little heart. She is becoming a helper and learning about the joy of obedience. We're both learning to be partners in grace! (more to come on that later!)

My mother in law makes the best homemade angel food cake, with homeamde frosting. The cake had both Rodney and Abigail's names on it, and the Reece's Pieces were a childhood tradition.

And we can't forget the birthday boy! This birthday was the year of the grill:) He finally found his dream grill brand new on craigslist, so he received many gifts that we'll all enjoy this summer. We actually went on a date on his actual birthday and enjoyed a fancy (and quiet) dinner just the two of us.

Both my parents and in-laws joined us for the weekend, making for a very relaxing birthday weekend celebration. I am very thankful to have two sets of parents who love us and our children.

We celebrated on Saturday and Sunday (Abigail's actual birthday), so Abigail got to blow out candles twice! I made her favorite breakfast - homemade cinnamon rolls. And then we ate Monical's Pizza for lunch after church.

We love you, Abigail, and continue to pray for  your salvation, that the eyes of your heart would be opened to the Good News of God's Rescue Plan.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fun with the cousins

Evalina, Ellie and Benton were here for a couple of days in the middle of last week. The kids played hard during the day and the adults stayed up late talking!

I continue to be thankful that the cousins are all the same age and continue to pray that their love for each other grows (even though all 4 have unique personalities!).

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birthday weekend fun: at the CAT museum

Both sets of grandparents were here for the big birthday weekend, making for double the fun.

We had a leisurely morning, followed by a long lunch at Chick fil A. The girls played after lunch before we headed to the CAT museum, where they spent the rest of the afternoon climbing all over equipment. It ended up being a highlight for both Abigail and Rodney! And I particularly enjoyed watching some videos and learning a little bit more about what my husband does everyday!

It was truly a perfect day.