Tuesday, May 24, 2011

just for you, babe...

Rodney has been on a two week tour, so it's no surprise that Abigail declared this morning: "I go to Italy...I go to Istanbul...I go to Dubai." "I see Daddy," she then adds matter of factly. If only it were that easy, just to pop over and see you today. Yes, Rodney, your girls miss you immensely. About every hour during the day, Abigail tells me, "Daddy come home later." That's because I've been telling her that you'll be home soon - later this week. And I'm so glad that later this week is only a couple of days away!

So here are a couple more pictures of our recent happenings. We love and miss you!

self portrait skills :) Our daughter has beautiful blue eyes. And this was her first successful time to use a public restroom!

I asked her to point to "Abigail's Letter".

Italic her first pedicure...

pink toes :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

potty update #2

We're still having daily accidents (some that make me want to not be eco friendly and use disposable pull ups). My 34 week pregnant body is not fond of cleaning up accidents on the way to the potty. Sigh. So even though we've made leaps and bounds progress, we're nowhere completely accident free!

guest photographer :)

I am continually amazed at how God perfectly provides for me. Rodney has had a brutal work and travel schedule, and the Lord knew when I would need some encouragement. My friend Julianne came for a short visit at the end of the week, and we enjoyed my "typical mode of operation" - long walks, lots of hot tea, coloring with chalk, swimming, late night talks, blowing bubbles.

Thank you, Lord, for your perfect provision of friendship and encouragement. Thank you, Julianne, for your joy and hugs!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

potty training update!

Weeks before Abigail turned 2, I spent two horrific days trying to potty train. Several people told me that potty training was simple, and I was left wondering why I hadn't packed away her cloth diapers at 18 months. Even random strangers at Target assured me that if Abigail was left without a diaper, within a day (maybe two at the most) she would easily transition to the big girl potty. I read very little on the matter and was convinced it would be an easy transition. I was so very wrong! I crashed and burned and quit on day two, in tears.

But I wanted to give it another go, in hopes that we would only have one in diapers this summer. This time, I picked up two books and read through a PDF book sent by a friend. I developed a strategy and planned to be home without any distractions for 3-4 days. I also planned to have Rodney home in the evenings, for at least the first two days. On my previous attempt, I was home by myself while my hubby was in China. That didn't work out so well. I needed the hugs and encouragement.

On the morning of our first potty training day, I let Abigail open a wrapped present - a potty training doll (which she loved). We taught Baby Annie to use the potty and rewarded Baby Annie for staying dry and using the potty. Abigail enjoyed eating Baby Annie's M&Ms:) We then put Abigail's cloth diapers into a storage bin and we put on her new underwear (that we picked out together earlier in the week).

I periodically asked Abigail is she was dry. When we checked (and I often knew she was dry), I would let her pick out a sticker. In all honesty, Abigail's only successes on the potty on day one were when I sat and read to her. They were accidental successes that were heavily rewarded with M&Ms. For the most part, she had accidents and I would rush her to potty, have her pull down her wet underwear and go through the potty process. I cleaned up LOTS of accidents on day one and two.

On day two we had one huge success in the morning. Abigail ran to the potty by herself and went potty. But the rest of the day was miserable. Lots of accidents, and I was in tears by the end of the day. It didn't help that my hubby had a huge trip the next day. I wanted to quit but was reminded of a friend's advice. She said it took her daughter 4 days to really "get it". So I persevered.

And the perseverance paid off! Day three, we only had three accidents and day 4 we only had one accident! I still put her in cloth diapers at night and waterproof training pants at naptime, mainly because I'm a tired pregnant mommy who doesn't want to have to change wet sheets in the middle of the night and have a hard time rolling out of bed before Abigail wakes in the morning. One step at a time.

So if you are potty training or planning to soon, be encouraged! It is NOT EASY. Tears are normal (for mommy and little one), and don't feel like there's something wrong if you have to stop and wait a couple months before you try again. Every kiddo is different, and I can only imagine the challenge of having two kiddos under wing:)

Happy potty training!

Monday, May 9, 2011

a Mother's Day weekend

Here are some pictures from our Mother's Day weekend. It was filled with long walks, swimming, Saturday night date night, games with friends and some solo mommy time shopping and at the hair salon:) "buggy daddy!" Abigail does not like bugs - anything that crawls, creeps or flies. I think she gets it from me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

quick catch up

It's been a while since I've blogged or posted any pictures, mostly because our routines have helped keep us moving to the summer and the birth of Baby Harms. I am now 31.5 weeks (and counting!). I'm still feeling great, though not sleeping as well as I would hope. Rodney got home last night from his annual oil convention around midnight, didn't come to bed until 1am, and then had to deal with his wife tossing and turning until 2am. Poor guy! Poor me too (but I try not to feel too sorry for myself). The day will soon be here when I'll be thankful for six consecutive hours of sleep!

Our weekly activities have all ended for the year, so next week is potty training go time! I have a couple new tricks and rewards up my sleeve. So please be praying that Abigail will have some potty success next week:)

And meanwhile, I'm nesting, which is probably not a surprise to any of my readers who have kiddos. The most wonderful thing about having green, yellow and neutral baby gear is minimal prep for #2! For the most part, I am a frugal minimalist, so I don't really have a ton to do or buy. But I have made my life easier and added a couple additional items to my baby gear. I just made one of my final pre-baby #2 purchases (newborn cloth diapers) :) I think I'm now an official cloth diapering addict; it's quite amusing how much research and joy I have planning to cloth diaper another little one:)

With all that said, I'm thrilled that next week, my hubby will have a less busy schedule (calm before the storm). And the weekend and relaxation is right around the corner.

And as a sidenote:My husband did NOT get into the water. I guess he wanted me to get as much use out of my maternity swimsuit as possible:)