Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Lifetime of Friendship

Sarah headed home today, after a wonderful week of catching up - sharing memories of times past and dreams for the life ahead of us. Sarah and I have a unique friendship, as we have been friends from elementary school, through high school, into college, and now into adulthood. We share memories of church musicals, awkward moments of coming of age in junior high, hormonal ups and downs of high school, and the discovery of self. We've prayed with each other, cried with each other, and praised God together. It has been a gift to see how God has blessed us in our friendship and continued to bless us as we've grown. We both laughed at ourselves this past week - we're getting old! We'll both turn twenty-seven sometime in the next twelve months! I cannot wait to see how God continues to bless our friendship.

Abigail was in a bit of a funk this past week, and I think it might have been because of her vaccinations (on Tuesday and Thursday). She was super fussy after each batch and refused to take naps in her crib, though she is still sleeping great at night. The initial pain of letting her cry in her first month of life has paid off. She doesn't cry now when we lay her down at night. She was going 6.5 hours between feedings at night, so I was averaging between 6 and 8 total hours of sleep a night. She reverted back to her normal routine last night, though, so we'll see!

She's currently been really fussy today - eating well - but really fussy. I think she might be going through another growth spurt (maybe???). It's hard to tell still. Some of this first time mom stuff is a bit of a trial and error sort of thing. Right now she's fussing in her crib, settling down for a nap. She fusses for about 10 seconds and is quiet. I think she'll settle herself soon:)

She's starting to smile a lot more now, which is marvelous:) You can tell that her little mind is processing more and more each day. I can't believe that she's already 9 weeks old!

Mommy, why do I have to be in this car-seat? (On our way down to the park for a long walk) We went for a 3.1 mile walk. It was beautiful here in Houston - cool breeze and sunny.

Sarah looks quite natural holding a baby!

Sleeping soundly. I still can't believe how quickly she is growing. She's regularly wearing her 3-6 month sizes now. She has several very cute "pink" outfits. As much as I liked the yellow, green and orange, I think she looks quite pretty in pink! I'll have to post more "pink" pictures later. I am enjoying having a baby girl:)

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