Friday, June 27, 2014

miss tabitha - 13 months

This sweet faced girl is ready for a nap...

Loving this girls wavy hair. 

just miss abigail

This lovely lady has a cold this week, as does her mommy, so we didn't take as many pictures. But I was quite pleased with how this picture shows Abigail's tenderness and gentle spirit. Sometimes I think I enjoy taking photos because it helps me meditate upon what I love most about being a mom - my children's exuberance and joy, the delightful daily memories, watching them grow in character, grace and truth...(just to name a couple of things). This week has been particularly tough for me and this lady. There's been a lot of Spirit work going on in both of us. She has reminded me how much I also am in need of moment by moment grace and fresh mercies each morning.

in between pictures - the girls

Love these three! They keep each other entertained, for sure. Their littlest sibling will be very well loved and doted upon.

And Miss Abigail helped bring out Hannah's very best smiles :) That's what sisters are for, of course!

Hannah is 3

This sweet girl turned three this week! As a family, we ate at Chick fil A for dinner, one of Hannah's favorite places. Then we headed to a race for kids at Proctor Hospital, sponsored by the Illinois Valley Striders. This week she successfully ran the 200 meter and the quarter mile without any skinned knees. She even attempted the half mile with her sister and a friend and had fun. This is a big improvement over last week, when a little boy looking at the clouds clobbered into Hannah. So sad!
We finished off the evening having chocolate cupcakes and ice cream with friends at home. 

I took these pictures yesterday after we got home from Library Reading time. She was wearing a cute new outfit that she received for her birthday. Thanks, Grandma! And the sun was shining just right for pictures. Any time is good for pictures, really. I love taking pictures, as you all know ;)

Hannah, you are becoming a very sweet and thoughtful little girl. This morning, you told your daddy how much you loved him before he headed off to work, wrapping your little arms tightly around his neck. You give some of the best hugs! You love to snuggle and still love to read books. You can sit for hours reading books to yourself, complete with a running commentary, and you're even happier to be read to by whoever - mom, dad, and friend.

...jumping...I was hoping I could capture my favorite Hannah smiles :) Love you, girl! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saturday's final post - sand between our toes

I love black sand because it doesn't cling to everything. It's like having a warm spa treatment on your feet.

And perhaps the best part of the day....Okay, maybe not the best part, but who can really beat spending time with family in the sun on such a beautiful and unique beach? But this pregnant mommy was sure happy to stop at the Punalu'u bake shop on the way home. And before closing, they discount their malasadas, so we got to enjoy malasadas not once but twice on this lovely Saturday.

Saturday - more fun at the Black Sand Beach

 We enjoyed a short walk into a paradise of palms.

Thanks, Abigail, for taking our picture!

...mesmerized by the ducks. I love to watch the joy children have exploring and learning about the intricacies and  beauty of our world!

These three enjoyed playing with rocks and sand while the others explored. kissable :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday - funny pictures with my girls

She's supposed to be giving me a kiss, but it looks more like she's licking my cheek! Funny girl!

And I let Abigail take a photo of me and Hannah.... I let both of the girls take pictures today, a true sign that I was very relaxed and enjoying our Saturday.


Saturday - an impromptu day

We started off the day with the intention to head to Volcano National Park. After a stop at the Punalu'u Bake shop for coffee and malasadas and a trip to a Saturday farmer's market, we learned that there was a Ka'u coffee festival in a nearby town. We scrapped our plans to head to Volcano National Park and headed to the festival.

We only spent a short while at the festival, long enough to taste lots of coffee and make some coffee purchases. Because I had just had a cup of coffee, I only took a few sips. I hope if we ever get to visit Hawaii again I'm not pregnant or nursing a babe! After the kids had their fill of the local playground, we decided to take our picnic lunch to the nearby Black Sand Beach and go to the national park on another day.

I took a lot of pictures today....

Hannah saying hi to her sister. This was taken at the beginning of the day, when her smiles were fresh.

 And this is what happens when you vacation with your adult child - she insists that she take lots of pictures of you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 3 - a beatiful sunset

We had excellent weather almost every day while we were in Hawaii. It rains almost everyday in Hawaii, which is why it is so lush and green. But even with clouds in the sky, the sunsets were breathtaking. 

And Rodney even enjoyed the hot tub, while Papa enjoyed a good book and I enjoyed the quiet peace and the beauty and joy of being with my family.