Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Poster Child

I think I could send this picture in to Calvin Klein to use in their advertisements. I couldn't have captured a more happy girl in this picture -- but don't be fooled, my little lady has her fussy moments too. I just am usually working to get her settled (and not concerned about capturing her pouty, fussy face on camera).

I actually met some friends for lunch today, and she fussed quite a bit. Liesl was so gracious to bounce with her while I ate my food. So this posting is more for the benefit of Mom, Dad, Dave and Scott who leave to visit Daniel in Kenya tomorrow! Hooray for them (yes, I am slightly jealous)...They have one last blog posting pictures of their precious grandbaby...

And now precious baby abigail is fast asleep. She tired herself out (and mommy too, who is about to go take a nap...)

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