Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Card Preview

I am proud to announce that I have already ordered and picked up our Christmas pictures/cards for the year. Now I just need to type up the letter, purchase some stationary and stamps and send them on their merry way.

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards!

thankful for a great Thanksgiving

We spent 12 days up in Morton for Thanksgiving, and I wasn't ready for vacation to end - proof of a good time with family. Our first week was filled with trips to the doctor with my dad (he's still battling his kidney stones....), football, and low-key evenings at home. Abigail and I both had a bad case of the sniffles, while Rodney had a nasty stomach bug that he thankfully didn't share with his girls or anyone else. But I couldn't have been happier anywhere else, sniffles and all.

On Sunday we got to go to Bethany Community in the morning and celebrated the Feast of Thanks at Bethany Baptist in the evening. It was great to see friends and spend some time letting them get to know Abigail. She fit in great with all of the other kiddos running around the gym after dinner, worship and prayer.

On Monday, my mom watched Abigail in the evening while I went to BSF. It was such a blessing to be a part of that group of ladies again. It is such a blessing to study the same Word and be able to pick up wherever I happen to be.

Tuesday evening we enjoyed food with some of our favorite people in Peoria - the Deutsch family! Abigail loved having so many big girls and boys (and young ladies and a gentleman - they're all growing up so fast!) to follow around. They helped her eat her dinner and kept a close eye on her. Big families are so much fun:)

And Wednesday through Saturday, my in-laws, three of my grandparents and an uncle joined us for Thanksgiving festivities. So between family and my parents' two big dogs, Abigail was a very well loved little girl!

Whew! Busy two weeks! Thankfully, Abigail traveled marvelously and even got to sit in her own seat on both flights. Free checked bags and flexible loading made me a fan of Southwest Airlines.

With all that said, I did not take many pictures. I was not in a picture taking mood (very off for me). But here are some of the few pictures I did take.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Abigail brought books to all willing parties. My brother Dave read to her. All the grandparents read to her. Uncle Scott read to her. And her grandparents read to her (of course). I believe Camus and Cobi were the only ones who did not, but if they could, I'm sure they would have been delighted to oblige Miss Abigail Sue.
"Hi, Doggy!" In the mornings, she first asked for Mimi and Papa. Then she would say, "Doggy?"
hugs for Cobi...Camus didn't stand still long enough for Abigail hugs...

She enjoyed several rides in my old wagon...on the warmer days...

Abigail called this doggy "Amus" instead of "Camus"...Camus was quite spoiled with all of the extra attention while we were home...

Abigail and Papa (who was not feeling the best but still a good sport about reading to Miss Abigail)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

a great week

A great week = my hubby being home

A great week = having a girlfriend over to spend the night

A great week = having a healthy household

A great week = being able to go to Bible Study (church and BSF!)

A great week = having Friday night date night with my hubby :)

It sure is amazing how a low week can sure make me thankful for the simple blessings the Lord gives me every week!

Friday, November 5, 2010

what a week

Monday - an off day, teething toddler...

Tuesday - my little girl has the stomach flu, a first for both of us. My poor baby would say, "all done...all done...," and cry every time she got sick. It wasn't fun for either of us.

Wednesday - Mommy has the stomach flu all night, sleeps very little, and prays as she watches the hours drift to morning that she would have the strength for day.

Thursday - a very hard day, nauseous, exhausted

Friday - hubby arrives home from Canada around 12:30am...so far, it's the best day of the week...

And I'm thanful for -

My girlfriend Jaclyn. She came over Monday night to keep me company and watch our traditional "Alias" episode, and though I didn't see her on Thursday, she dropped off Sprite and crackers on her way to work.

The Lord's perfect timing. It was much better to be sick all night than to be sick all day. Having the stomach flu with my hubby gone couldn't have worked more perfectly. As much as I would rather not have the stomach flu, some things just can't be avoided. And if anything, it is always good for my sanctification. It helps me find my way to my knees.

My daughter's nap schedule and flexible schedule altogether. I'm so thankful for naps.

And finally, it is good to have my husband home. I am so blessed to have an extra pair of helping hands in this walk of life and parenting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

so pretty

We had a quiet weekend. We opted to stay home and enjoy a long walk along the bayou and family time instead of joining in busy Fall festivities at church. And with church and Awana on Sundays, we decided to enjoy a quiet afternoon and evening as Rodney has another long week of work ahead of him. So since I knew the grandparents would be missing loads of costume pictures, we grabbed a couple quick before church pictures instead:) Abigail is quickly becoming a little lady...