Thursday, August 13, 2015

July - colored gems

Hannah, "Mom, take a picture of me!"

Abigail learned to ride her bike this month, without training wheels!

Hannah eagerly volunteered to take my picture. And here is Charis, eating more grass.

Love this picture of Miss T.

July - diamonds in the rough

Charis is contemplating sticking some grass in her mouth....

And you can't see the food on Hannah's face quite as well in black and white. 

If pictures had sound bytes, you could hear Tabitha's refusal to have her picture taken. So we resorted to a game of peekaboo. :)

And in this last picture, I had to put my camera down right away to keep miss Charis from falling off of the chair!

July - all my girls

This was the best I could do on this particular July early, pre-nap afternoon. I had a vision for how I wanted these pictures to turn out, but the girls and I didn't have the same vision. Charis had a mind to eat grass and sticks, and Tabitha just didn't want her picture taken. If you've interacted with Miss T lately, you would not be surprised by her unwillingness to do anything that anyone else asks her to do. My mother in-law actually remarked that she thinks Miss T is the most stubborn of all four, and that my friends, is saying quite a lot.

But here we have it, all four distinct little people. I am blessed. They are loved. And I'm learning that I need to be thankful for moments such as these.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fourth of July - the final installment

Children are truly a blessing from the Lord, and it's so evident that my parents enjoy their grandchildren.

And I'm thankful that my family humors me by letting me take their pictures. Sometimes I feel a little bit like everyone's dragging their feet, but I'm so thankful to have these small pieces of life to remember such a lovely weekend.

Dan and Helen - July 2015

And my brothers humored me for a sibling picture. And our backyard is so lovely, I just can't help but take lots of pictures when I'm with people that I love.
 Loving on Camus!

Fourth of July - family pictures

Fourth of July- part 2

After lunch, we spent the rest of the day down on the property, playing in the creek and lighting off fireworks.

We had a huge bonfire.

This girl loves the camera, even when she's covered in mud and creek water!

What two year old doesn't enjoy digging in the dirt? Mud pies are great fun.

Splashing with Mimi. H had to make sure she wasn't the only person wet.
 Love these two and so thankful we were able to spend time with them.

I had my dad take a picture of me and CJ. I don't make many of the pictures, so this is a special one, indeed.

This girl LOVES fireworks. I think she would have been happy staying up all night lighting them off. Uncle Dave gave her sparkler after sparkler after sparkler. 

Most of the fireworks were quite old, having been in Grandpa's basement for who knows how long. One of them landed awfully close to Hannah, after flying dangerously through the air. Unfazed, Hannah said, "Let's do that again!" ....or something along those lines....

All of the menfolk (+Hannah) enjoyed lighting the fireworks off.

Children, fireworks and a bonfire make for good entertainment. I think they also enjoyed watching the girls enjoy their roasted marshmallows.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fourth of July - part one

We had the privilege of hosting family for the Fourth of July. My brother was in the United States working on his visa, so his lovely bride joined him for a short summer vacation. I always count time with my brother and Helen as a special gift. 

Rodney grilled a pork loin on Friday and a brisket for the Fourth. Grandpa Dean brought the fireworks, and all of the boys (and Hannah) enjoyed lighting them down in our field. 

We are so blessed to have such a loving family.

 ...the grillmaster

Papa and Miss A

Uncle Dan has a big lap and a big heart.

Miss T was helping Grandpa Dean!

Uncle Scott and sweet Miss H.

Grandma J was happy to read this girl books, books and more books!

We were thrilled that my Aunt Beth joined us too. She was Abigail's crafting buddy.

Love her blue eyes!