Friday, February 27, 2009

Mama's Health Update

Yesterday I was sore. Today, I was still sore.

News - I have a breast infection. I caught it early enough to avoid fever and chills (praise God). I made it to the doctor before the weekend and am on antibiotics.

So that's that...I am in better spirits now that I have been to the doctor.

I will include a few good pics though (for your enjoyment).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We love Grandma and Grandpa Harms!

Blog Post #2 -- Grandma and Grandpa Harms are deserving of their own blog posting...

Rodney and I are blessed to have great family. We are so blessed that we've gotten to spend time with all of our parents! Grandma and Grandpa Harms arrived on Saturday afternoon. Grandma stayed here to love on Abigail while the boys ran car and jeep errands to Auto Zone and the Grocery Store. We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner, thanks to Rodney's superb grilling skills and Angie's hard work in the kitchen (I am blessed to still not be responsible for cooking and cleaning - I am enjoying recovering without these responsibilities!).

Rodney had to fly to California Monday morning for work and gets home late tonight (Ick), but we've enjoyed our days here, even though we miss daddy. We've gone on walks (the weather is beautiful here in Houston), watched a movie, taken naps, read books and enjoyed every moment with Abigail.

Rodney is taking a half day on Thursday and all day off on Friday, and we might even take Grandma to see the ocean!

Here is Grandpa telling Abigail all about Harbor Freight! Little does she know that she'll be required to change her oil, tires and do some simple car trouble shooting if daddy and Grandpa have anything to do with it!

Last night with Grandma and Grandpa Hekel

I am behind on my blog postings, so I have a bit of catch up to do.

We had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa Hekel. We even played a few games of pinochle the last night they were here. The Harms' were soundly beaten, evidenced by Grandpa Harms' hand below (proof for Uncle Dave) - a Double Marriage, Double Pinochle and Kings around. He melded his entire hand!

I found myself wishing my mom could have been here for the first week home from the hospital, but the Lord knew I needed here here for the second week. It was a blessing to have an extra hand and company for middle of the night feedings. I am feeling as good as I do now because my parents came down to visit. Thank you mom and dad.

And I found myself thinking while my mom was here - I will be doubly blessed if I have as good as a relationship with my own daughter as I have with my mom. I am so thankful for her friendship, and I pray our little girl loves her daddy as much as I love mine.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mama is Feeling Better...

5 Ways we know Mama Harms is feeling better --

#1 - I put cinnamon rolls in the oven this morning for breakfast (they came out of a can - but this is still a big step forward!)

#2 - Mama was home all by herself on Thursday (and did not spend the day in tears or worrying about Abigail)

#3 - Mama did a load of laundry and made herself dinner (even if it did come out of a can)

#4 - Mama was content to watch a movie while Rodney had a late night at work.

#5 (my personal favorite) - Mama was "almost" pooped on yesterday and was pooped on today! This basically means that I am changing more diapers now that Mimi
(Grandma Hekel's preferred Grandma name) has gone home to Illinois. Poor Abigail - she was a mess! I'll spare you the icky details, but let's just say that another load of laundry is in the wash.

Other news --
Abigail is growing! I put her in a newborn sleeper the other day, thinking she would have finally grown into it (she didn't fit into anything when she came home from the hospital). It didn't fit! Our little girl is long and skinny. Her little cheeks are filling out, and she's almost grown out of her newborn size diapers!

Abigail is also becoming more vocal. She rarely cried for her first several weeks home from the hospital, but now she's beginning to communicate quickly how she feels. She is still quickly comforted by mommy and daddy.

Grandma and Grandpa Harms come tomorrow afternoon - hooray! More people to love on our little girl.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby's First Valentine's Day and Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Hekel

Grandma Hekel flew in late Tuesday night, and we have enjoyed having her here! She has been a huge help - waking up with me in the middle of the night to help with diapers and soothing. I am feeling more rested, even though I am still "like the dead" when I wake up from naps. We actually didn't make it to church today, after a long night and early morning and late night feedings...

Grandpa Hekel flew in very late Friday night (we went to bed around 1 am). The boys ran some errands on Saturday, but most of the day was spent "watching" Abigail. She is the object of our love and full attention! She is becoming more vocal everyday - more grunts, groans, and a bit more crying (and she eats great when she is wide awake!).

A friend from church (Marisol) and a friend of Rodney's coworker have given us bags of baby girl clothes, much to our delight. Grandma has enjoyed dressing our little girl in pink this week, so enjoy some Valentine's Day pictures (and a few that I've taken over the week).

Grandma and Grandpa go home on Tuesday, and then Grandma and Grandpa Harms come on Saturday. Our little girl is certainly well loved!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two weeks old

Abigail had her two week well baby visit today, and she is doing well! She weighed in at 7lb 12 oz, a half pound more than her birth weight. The pediatrician was pleased, since they are only supposed to be up to birth weight by this time. She is eating well (an answer to prayer!).

Grandma Hekel is now here (much to my great joy and comfort). It is fun having Grandma here and I will post more about Grandmas visit later (with pictures...).

I am feeling the best that I have felt and we even were able to make our first trip out to the grocery store and pharmacy on the way home from our appointment.

Below are a few pictures Megan took a week ago when she was here. Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2009

First Week Home

Sunday - We were zombies on Sunday, after a long first night home. Abigail fussed most of the night, probably because of new surroundings. Mommy and Daddy learned several quick lessons on soothing, quick diaper changes and patience!

Monday - Rodney spent his last day home before going back to work. She slept MUCH better on Sunday night, for which we were very thankful. Abigail enjoys her swing and is everyday spends more time awake (which is still only for moments at a time). Megan arrived very late on Monday night from Dallas!

Tuesday - It was a HUGE blessing to have Megan here on Tuesday. It was good to have such a dear friend here to keep me company and help with little things around the house. She drove me to Abigail's first doctor's appointment (since I'm not allowed to drive for three weeks), which also happened to be her first outing. It was a beautiful day, and good for me to get out of the house too. The best news of all -- Abigail got a great report from the doctor. She lost 10 oz. after birth, and because I'm breastfeeding, the neonatologist wanted to make sure she is thriving. She is! She regained 6 oz in only 3 days and was back up to 7 pounds. Grandma Hekel will be here for her 2 week well baby visit, and she's on track to be back up to her birth weight.

Wednesday - Baby Blues are real -- but God is good (and my husband is wonderful). We'll leave it at that. It was my first day alone, and all of Abigail's noises, gurgles and grunts keep my worrying mind active. Having a baby is yet another opportunity for me to learn to trust the Lord in all things. Praise God for his faithfulness, and praise God that his mercies are new every morning.

Thursday - A lady from my church spent most of the day with me. Again, it was great to have company, especially an experienced mom. Our church here in Houston has been a huge source of encouragement. They have brought us meals every day this week and have poured on us blessing upon blessing.

Friday - Today, Rodney is off from work, and Abigail helped him do his Bible study this morning! Every day I have more energy, and I can tell that my body is healing. My pain is decreasing, and I'm able to take better care of Abigail and myself (though it is still hard to roll out of bed without using my abdominal muscles!).