Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mimi and Miss T

My mom gave me the best birthday gift by coming down to spend the weekend with us. As a large, pregnant mommy, I especially appreciated having an extra pair of hands to help with my very affectionate children (two who were getting over colds).  Mimi gives great hugs that I think must have healing power.

I had a very low key weekend. My mom watched the girls while Rodney and I ran errands on a date (a true luxury), and then we ordered take out Chinese food for dinner, and Rodney and I finished a movie we had started the previous weekend. It was exactly what we all needed that weekend. 

After eight years of marriage, and three (almost four) kids, Rodney and I rarely watch a movie in one sitting these days. We have this sense that we need to get as much sleep as possible, not knowing when I'll go into labor or who will be up in the middle of the night with dreams or illness. I'm a much better wife and mom when I'm well rested too, but it's funny to think how long it's taken me to figure that out!

 ...another thumb sucker. Miss T is quite the snuggler, and I've been trying to get in extra snuggle time with her recently, as I know I'll have another little person who will need snuggling too.

Miss T is still not walking, mostly because I think she's rather content to crawl. She cruises, will get to a stand in the middle of the floor, and will walk holding hands. She's even taken a couple of steps on her own. So at least there isn't cause to worry....she just wants to wait until the right time for her.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

37 weeks

I am so thankful to be 37 weeks.


Rodney and I are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with children. And since the Lord has given us particularly social children, I'm glad that they're close enough in age that they truly enjoy each other. Two weeks ago, Hannah was very ill. Rodney took her to Prompt Care to rule out more serious illness, and as they were driving away, Abigail, who was quite distraught said, "Who am I going to play with?" Now little Miss Hannah hadn't done much playing that day; she had literally laid on the couch or in her bed all day. But it does show just how much Abigail enjoys her sister's company.

I enjoy watching them learn to love each other, and even though I know these next few weeks (months...years...) will be very busy, I know that the Lord has placed the right children in our home to learn about how to love Him and each other.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sister Snuggles and Life update

I am very thankful to be 36 weeks pregnant today. I have to admit, that with the arrival of each weekly milestone, I breathe a sigh of relief. Even as I sit and type this, I'm having contractions. They're moderately painful and more regular than I'd like them to be, but that's been the story of my life the last six weeks. One night this week, I had them almost the whole night. I only got a couple of hours of sleep and was rather distraught come 5am. My poor hubby is tired of this trimester too. But I'm doing well and have a hunch that I'll see a 37 week milestone next week and maybe even a 38 week milestone. I will be shocked and very amused if I make it much past 38 weeks, but the Lord is in control (not me) so I just might....

As a result of my irritable uterus, the girls and I have stayed close to home. I had an unplanned trip to the chiropractor on Thursday, and I took the girls grocery shopping afterwards. It was the first time I'd been out of the house by myself with the girls since the end of July. I'm glad our Fall scheduled activities are starting up now as opposed to several weeks ago when I was on bed-rest and still recovering from my burns. The Lord's timing is truly perfect in all things, and sovereignly planned for my sanctification.

Yes, we've been a little stir crazy, but we're doing better than I would have imagined. Abigail and I just finished our third week of homeschooling for the 2014/2015 year. It's also going better than I expected. She's enjoying the reading and math curriculum, and we add writing, spelling, geography and various other disciplines throughout the week too. I'm glad to have her home and have a huge amount of peace about the decision to keep her home. We recently started reading through our first chapter book. I chose Little House in the Big Woods, mostly because I loved the series as a child. Both girls have enjoyed a lot of sitting and reading time.

Hair cuts

Thank you, Mimi, for the hair cuts!

I have to admit, it took me several days to get used to Abigail's short hair. I think I was mourning the loss of her beautiful locks, and it ended up being shorter than I had envisioned. But a week later, I'm thankful and glad we decided to give her a short hair style. It's far easier to keep clean and managed. And her hair bounces along with her personality.

Hannah probably doesn't even look like she had hers cut, but Mimi did even out her curls. And I think as a result it looks slightly less wild and crazy.

Hannah wanted to put the bows in her hair all by herself, of course!

Here they are showing off their new cars. A friend who comes to our Thursday night Bible study surprised the girls at church on Sunday with a huge bag of cars he played with when he was a kid. They were beyond thrilled!

Homemade ice cream!

Rodney and the girls made homemade ice cream a couple of weeks ago. Daddy even cooked the egg mixture so that I could enjoy the delicious dessert too; I have a wonderful husband.

I think they enjoyed the process of helping daddy as much as they enjoyed eating the ice cream the next day. And it was creamy goodness, especially garnished with fresh picked raspberries.

Grandma snuggles a goofy girl

Monday, September 1, 2014