Friday, April 24, 2015

Baby Blues

I took these pictures on our "pajama day". She was my only healthy child, which I attribute to the wonders of breast milk. She got to lay/play in the grass while I took pictures of her big sisters. When it started to sprinkle, we called it quits and headed inside for smoothies - kale/coconut/berry smoothies. Yum!

Pajama Day

Sometimes it just feels good to stay in your pajamas all day. Two weeks ago, the girls all had yucky runny noses and coughs, so we all stayed home from church. Even though the rain was coming, the temperature was lovely, and the girls enjoyed the fresh air after being inside all morning and afternoon.

Toddlers are just so cute! And she was sporting her "new" shoes that I picked up for a quarter at a garage sale the day before :) 

It's hard to believe that this girl wasn't walking last Summer/Fall. She's finally gotten used to her walkin' legs and really enjoys being outside, as I'm sure you can tell from these pictures.

...this girl has a beautiful head of hair. It's quite the magical hair, actually, because even after it's been smeared with all kinds of food, snot, etc., it almost never looks greasy or dirty! And it's finally tuckable behind the ears, and she'll even let me put it in a pony tail or pull it back out of her face with a clip. My baby is getting to be such a big girl.

Miss C is six months

Miss C is six months. And we are all enjoying her many expressive faces. This cheeky grin is irresistible.

These eyes make my heart burst with love. I know this period of infancy is so short, so before naps and nighttime, I am treasuring one more snuggle, one more baby kiss, and even the gentle tugs on my hair.

Her big sisters are so entertaining!

She has such a sweet little face. I love this girl so much.

You are another well-balanced little girl and fall right around the middle of the bell curve for your height and weight. You weighed in at 16#14oz at your last doctor appointment, so even with all of your yucky spitting up (which doesn't phase you in the least),  you're growing just fine.

You're sitting "some" which means you teeter and totter and need to be watched very closely. You like to put weight on your legs, and  your pediatrician commented about how strong you are! You make raspberries, enjoy pulling on my hair, and are a thumb sucker, like two of your other sisters. You are sleeping better now at night and fall asleep around 7pm. Sometimes, you occasionally wake up around 4am, but most times you'll sleep until 5am and go back to sleep for a couple of more hours. I'm thankful for a more regular sleep routine, and I look forward to your smiling face in the mornings. You kick your little legs and get so excited when you see me and your big sisters.

Friday, April 10, 2015

And Guess who else was here? Easter 2015

Even though they were only in town 26 hours, I am thankful that they made the trip down even for a short visit. They brought a delicious ham, which my mom prepared on Sunday before church. Believe me, getting four kids ready for church is no small feat, so coming home to Easter dinner was the second Easter miracle. The girls enjoyed having grandparents here to read them books, snuggle with on the couch, and celebrate the Good News of the Resurrection. 

Easter 2015 portraits

Little one, you have no idea how blessed you are to have such a lovely big sister. She takes good care of you. 

And girls, you have a daddy who loves you very much too. Here you can see that Abigail really does take after her daddy! 

Easter 2015 Family

Miss T wasn't very happy about after church, she's hungry and tired, family pictures. We had to work hard with jelly beans as bribery, and here she ended up with Mimi's glasses and a rock. In hind sight, the glasses and rock was probably not a very good combo. Thankfully, Mimi's glasses were not harmed!

And of course, Miss C was far too fascinated by her sisters in these pictures. Such is life with four kids. Did I already mention that it was after church before lunch and nap time? :)

We did end up having a lovely day. The miracle of Easter this year was getting to be in church. Hannah was sick with a stomach bug three days before. Healthy kids after a stomach bug is a true blessing and miracle. He is risen! He is risen, indeed!