Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Milestones

Abigail makes us smile and laugh. She is such a blessing and great joy. There are times when I am so excited to pick her up that these euphoric feelings start welling up inside of my heart; they take my breath away. And so I praise God for the little munchkin in our lives.

Abigail has recently hit a few more milestones. Her head control is improving, though she still needs lots of sitting up supervision. She is tolerating tummy time much more now as a result, though when her neck and arm muscles get tired, she gets quickly frustrated. She has also been putting some weight down on her legs, and she really likes to be held in the sitting and standing position. She's beginning to recognize my voice and turn in my direction, and just yesterday she starting making some wet razzing sounds (in addition to her coos). I think these "wet" sounds are a result of all of her drool (which is a new thing). So at 13 weeks (yesterday), she's doing very well. She still isn't rolling over yet, but that will come with time. My What to Expect the First Year book says that might not happen really well until month 5. She hates being on her tummy so much that it doesn't surprise me:)

She is also sitting up more in her swing, and we ditched the head cushion (as her head was too big and it was making her ears stick out). She's now enjoying the swing more than her play mat on the floor.

I love this picture of my man and my little girl. Daddy is so funny:)

Daddy is enjoying himself too.

Two happy (and tired) Harms ladies:)

Abigail was just woken from her nap (for bathtime...and a late night snack)

Meanwhile - it's a sleepy day here in Houston. Rodney left for the airport early this morning for a one night trip to Midland, in West TX. I rolled out of bed at 6am to feed Abigail, but she was still asleep, so I crawled back into bed until I heard her 45 min. later. And we both took long morning naps (I still have a wee headache...). We have a big weekend ahead of us. We're having people over for dinner on Friday and a missionary friend, Barb Becker, is coming to visit Saturday through Monday. Today will be the sleepy day and tomorrow, I'll be productive:)
Hope you enjoy the video. It's a bit longer than normal:)

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KevinG said...

So many things to track with these babies! Now I know what intelligent questions to ask all the other new parents around here :-) Miss you guys!