Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my girl...

makes me smile and laugh. she is laid back. she loves making new friends.

she brings me so much joy.

thank you God for my precious girl!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a birthday week

Yes, I turned 28 last Monday and though the day didn't go entirely as planned and was in some ways in accord with my past five birthdays -uneventful, lonely, husband gone, to Hurricane Ike - it ended with my husband home, Starbucks and the beginnings of a marvelous week. My in-laws treated me to beautiful flowers, cake, a fireworks display cake topper (in good Harms tradition) and a date-night with my hubby later in the week.

It was so good to have Morrie and Angie here for the week. We actually spent most of the week up in Lake Conroe. It was good to get away from the apartment to swim, shop and play games. I won't mention who won and lost most of the games...

On Friday we headed to Brenham to visit the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory. My in-laws are converts to all things Blue Bell. Abigail even got to eat her own little scoop of vanilla, much to her great pleasure.

I am already counting down to the holidays. Having family here makes me homesick. Abigail says "Grandma" and "Grandpa", and I am looking forward to all grandparents being within a couple of short hours. We love and miss you!!! So when it gets cold up north, please come visit us down south. I assure you. It will still be warm.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a new month

September is a new month. It is a fresh start. Praise God!

August was one of the most challenging months in my recent married memory. Anxiety and loneliness were enemies that I had to fight daily with truth. They would wake me in the middle of the night and keep me up. But the Lord is good. His words comfort. They draw me back to where I need to be - at the foot of the cross.

I am amazed at how I love my husband more and more each day. He is such a blessing in my life. He prays for me, leads me to the Lord, and encourages me like no other. He is a great dad. He is an excellent leader. He is my best friend.

My in-laws are coming for a long visit on Friday, and I'm thrilled mostly because we'll get to have lots of family time next week:) Some of Abigail's most recent new words are grandma and grandpa (just in time for their visit!).

isn't she beautiful :)
she loves to climb into the chair all by herself...

BOB instep stroller - my most recent purchase. i decided after a month of poor sleep, i needed to add exercise back into my life. i picked it up on friday, and i've already walked/jogged 8 miles! if the rain holds out this week, i'll try and take it out tomorrow.