Sunday, June 27, 2010

17 months

What's new with Abigail?
  • Abigail added two new words to her repertoire this week: "no" and "go". We're working on saying "yes", though the "sss" sounds are more difficult. It usually sounds more like "yehhh".
  • She enjoys using a fork (with help) and eats almost anything I spear for her. So if she's become tired of broccoli, I spear the rest before bringing her the other courses:)
  • Her baby dolls are by far her favorite toys. She can often be seen trying to clip them into her stroller or put them to sleep.
  • She is social and says hi to most people we run into when we're out and about.
  • She loves doggies, especially the sign for doggies (tongue hanging out making panting noise)...very cute...

She's my little miss sunshine:)

we miss daddy but have been making the most of girl time:)

she split her lip in a weird fall several days ago...

on Saturday we went to a friend's 2 year old birthday party...Abigail got to take a swing at the pinata!

Happy Birthday, Alexia! I am so thankful for good friends...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Rodney! The last 17 months have been full of so much love and laughter. You are a GREAT dad and a sweet, precious, and adored husband. Your girls miss you and are storing up hugs and kisses for your return.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks - in the pool, around the house and smiles all around. Last week was VBS and Abigail did great (even without her afternoon nap). She was named "the sweetheart of the nursery" as she loved on everybody - babies, volunteer workers, other toddlers and her baby dolls. And yes, Rodney is off again on his work travels, but he'll be home for the 4th of July. We're already counting down the days.
And happy father's day to my other two dads! We love you very much and continually praise God for your example as loving parents who love the Lord. We are so thankful for you:)

a new favorite game - Hugs for Daddy!

Monday, June 7, 2010


We left for Destin Monday mornng and after four games of Travel Settlers, we arrived in short order! Abigail did great in the car and remained happy and entertained for the 10 hour car ride (a huge answer to prayer!).

We spent the days at the beach, the nights playing games, and we slept late every day. Jaclyn and John made the perfect traveling companions, helping keep Abigail entertained and staying flexible as can be. It helps that they love Starbucks, eating in and playing board games:) Rodney and John were buds all week - keeping busy by tossing the football and frisbee, golfing, and boogie board/wave surfing. The ladies enjoyed being beach and porch bums:) Abigail treated the sand like hot lava (even though it was actually not that hot) and was content to sit on the towel to play with her toys and eat her snacks. It made for a very relaxing vacation.

None of us were ready to come home, especially knowing that Rodney had to leave for Canada early Monday morning.

I'm so glad our friends suggested we plan our vacation in early June because on our way out of town we could see the tar beginning to wash up on Florida's beaches. It may be years before the the Gulf recovers...