Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

cabin fever

 We all have some degree of cabin fever these days. Last week, my minivan stayed parked in the garage all week. It's just too cold to take my babies out when the morning temperatures are below zero, not to mention the wind chill.

All in all, our days have had high moments and lows. Last week, Rodney spent three days in Houston for work. The days seem even longer when it's cold and my best friend isn't on his way home in the evening to give me a hug and the much needed pep talk.

Thankfully, the Lord was gracious. I had mommy-fail moments - raising my voice with my children, inconsistency with discipline- but He is a God full of grace and we had lots of smiling and a couple of dance parties too. Several days we just sat on the couch to read through the girls Storybook Bible. Sometimes the cold forces me to slow down and enjoy my children. Being cooped up inside is far better with three little ones :)

Grandparents are their grandkids

Abigail is 5

 Grandma made Abigail a homemade angel food cake (my favorite too). Abigail got to help make the frosting and decorate her own cake.
 Yummy frosting!

The beautiful cake is now ready for candles and eating! 

 I don't think I'll ever get used to you growing up so fast! You are quickly becoming a young lady, who is quick to help, considerate of your sisters, and very sensitive. You both laugh and cry easily, which makes life always instersting!

It's present time!
 Having  a sister moment.

Enthralled by her new music box.

She loves puzzles, she really does. She has this one in "Europe" and thought it was a duplicate. Silly girl.
...And I'm realizing now that I probably should have split this into multiple posts. Apologies. I really like taking pictures :)

loving Grandpa