Monday, April 6, 2009


Everyday, Abigail reaches new milestones!

On Saturday, she "really" found her thumb. Now she finds her thumb when she's tired before falling asleep.
Today, she rolled over onto her side and stayed on her side contentedly for quite some time:)

And her smiles are bigger everyday. On Sunday morning when I went to pick her up for breakfast, I was greeted with many big grins. I even left her room to get the camera, and she was still happy to see me (sometimes tears say, 'I want to eat now!').
Last night when we put her to bed, she just smiled at us in her crib, knowing that she would soon fall into a peaceful sleep.

Or maybe it was just because she got to see Dad's Jeep. Rodney had been working on rigging up his Jeep topper in our garage.

Or maybe it was because she got to say hello to Grandma and Grandpa via video camera.

Either way...Enjoy!

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Ashley said...

Wow! The Jeep looks totally different from when it was sitting in Kevin's drive. Great Job Rodney!!