Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thoughts on being green, mommyhood, and other randomness...

I have spent the last hour and a half researching cloth diapers. Yes, I'm thinking about switching over. I'm on a recycling kick (now that we've finally found a place to recycle), and I can now understand the true impact one little baby can have! We change so many diapers! Pre-Abigail, I was overwhelmed with mommyhood. It took all of my strength just to prepare for her - shopping around on craigslist, reading my What to Expect the First Year and Mayo Clinic's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (and delivery -- I re-read that chapter probably 15 times!!!). Cloth diapering was low on the priority list. And I'm glad we used disposable for these first three months. I was too zombie-like after my c-section to be very useful around the house...But now I'm considering it, so if you have any thoughts (experiences, brand ideas, etc.), I'd welcome your thoughts.

And I am a firm believer in Babywise. After following its principles, Abigail is a model Babywise little girl. She's sleeping and oh so much happier now that I've finally worked naps into her routine (before I let Abigail decide when she wanted to fall didn't work and I always had a crabby baby on hand). It is best for both of our moods:)

I'm also a firm believer in Mylicon. She is much happier, far less fussy in the evenings (and passes her gas to her hearts content).

And as far as Abigail's little blossoming personality, she is become very inquisitive. As I nursed her this afternoon, she spent much of the time distracted, looking around the room, smiling up at me, and trying to suck her thumb and nurse at the same time (nope honey, you can't have the best of both worlds...). It sure is fun to watch her grow up.

And on a side note -- Rodney and I recently discovered . This afternoon, I typed in "George Winston" and have been listening to lovely piano music. But we enjoyed a Sara Groves mix this morning before church and a country music mix last night. You type in an artist you enjoy, and you get an interesting mix of music. You can then rate the music (thumbs up or down). We've enjoyed "no-commercial" radio here in the Harms house:)
So that's all for today...I have laundry to fold...and smoothies and popcorn to make for dinner (yum).
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Anonymous said...

Katie, I'm sooo glad Babywise is a joy to you! I know it was to me.

On cloth diapering. I've done it since September and its fabulous (97% of the time!!). Suggestions: I prefer by far the ONE SIZE (OS) diapers by Fuzzi Bunz (newer and snaps) and Bumgenious (velcro). I do not like Thirsties all in one. I would avoid ALL IN ONES like the plague. In my beginning research, I thought it had to be the way to go. NO WAY! Not enough to hold the urine for more than an hour. I'd definetly, once you are done breastfeeding, buy the liners that are biodegradable. At, you can get free shipping and their liners for very reasonable (that I've found compared to other online places). Once their poop is nonbreastfed like, they poop on the liner and you flush it in the toilet, no scrubbing typically. If they are breastfed, you just throw that diaper in the pail and wash it with the other urine diapers. If the child is sick (yuck), I'd highly recommend until their stool is "better" to use disposable.

Ashley said...

I was going to tell you about FuzziBunz. A co-worker of mine was talking about it. I am curious though...what is Babywise? I tried to look it up online but I am not getting much info. The only thing I am finding is all this controversy surrounding it. I would love to hear your thoughts