Friday, January 15, 2016

a New Year, fresh mercies and Thanksgiving

Okay, so it's January, and I never posted pictures from Thanksgiving.

I had three solid weeks of very sick children before Thanksgiving. Then we had a sprint through the holiday season, with another sick child the week before Christmas.

And in all honesty, the holidays were very full. They were full of blessing, but they were not restful for me this year. Being an introvert is particularly challenging over the holidays. My soul thrives on quality time, quiet, contemplation and a break from the everyday responsibilities of life. Yeah, that pretty much NEVER happens.  "But he gives more grace...." James 4:6. I think that is going to be my theme verse for the year. I came across it as I sprinted through the New Testament at the end of the year. Reading through the Bible every year is my life line. I thirst for the Word every day, as the deer pants for streams of water. So this year...

When I'm tired: "But he gives more grace."

When I feel like my patience is gone: "But he gives more grace."

When I'm face to face with the reality of my sin and my need for sanctification: "But he gives more grace."

When I'm operating on too few hours of sleep: "But he gives more grace."

So here are the moments of joy that I captured and people that I am thankful for.

Miss T helping Grandma!
Two lovely pictures of my nephew and niece.

A certain spunky two year old is missing from the picture below. You wouldn't guess it based on her smile above, but she doesn't like being told what to do.