Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July- in the garden

We're still in the learning phase of gardening. Raccoons have been enjoying our corn. And the lettuces, red beets, peas and broccoli were all sampled before Rodney was able to put in the fence. We've also had some vine plants die, though we haven't seen evidence of vine bors or a fungus. We're rather perplexed. Rodney recently put in a second planting. We shall see if we have more success.

All that said, our tomatoes are thriving and we've enjoyed a plentiful harvest of zucchini, cucumbers, basil and some peas and radishes. Our remaining squash and melons are turning and it looks like we will be eating lots of pumpkin pancakes again this fall and winter!

Last weekend we canned 6 quarts of diced tomatoes and 7 pints of salsa. We quickly went through a bag of tortilla chips! We also canned 9 cups of raspberry ham:) yum!

And as usual, our girls love being in the dirt!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fourth of July

I'll be a broken record and say again how wonderful it is to be close to family.

My in-laws were able to come and spend the weekend with us, which ended up being a double blessing since I had a bad case of mastitis on the 5th. I ended up in bed for two days with a fever. Thankfully, my doctor called in a script for antibiotics. Unfortunately, I had a drug reaction later that week with a systemic rash and pain. Not fun. Thankfully, it's behind me now and I'm feeling much better.

I have lovely in-laws, and my MIL in particular was a huge help over the holiday weekend while the boys completed work projects outside and around the house.

The great irony of the weekend was that it was Rodney's one year Lyme Disease anniversary. Last year, I took the girls to McDonald's for ice cream on the 4th while Rodney lay in bed with chills and a fever. At that point, we had no idea why he was sick or the journey ahead of us. We are so thankful for the Lord's grace and provision for Rodney's health over the last year!

All that said, our actual fourth of July celebrations were quite relaxing. Rodney made a brisket and we had a quite a feast prepared for lunch when my in-laws arrived. Beef brisket on the grill is our tradition that we started in Texas and will probably continue for many years to come.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The boat

Over the 4th of July weekend, Rodney and his dad worked on getting the boat water ready.

Rodney dragged the boat around the lower field to get the girls comfortable wearing their life jackets.

Now we just need to get it registered for the water!

Grandpa Schreiner would be so pleased to see his great-grand daughters excited about his boat (and his boat on good working order!!).

Daddy Daughter Date

Last Thursday, Rodney took Abigail to Chick fil A on a date, sponsored by her favorite restaurant.

When they parked, they were shuttled to Chick fil A in a limousine. They were served on real plates, and she was given a rose from a daddy and daughter cow. Later she asked if there's a mommy and daddy cow that hands our flowers when Rodney and I go on dates. So funny!

Abigail had a wonderful, memorable evening with her daddy!

Two Months

Tabitha Grace, you are usually a happy little girl and like to smile and coo. You're still not sleeping for long stretches at night , but you're no longer crying for hours every evening. For the last week, you've been going to bed at night shortly after your sisters.

You're also napping fairly decently. In the morning you nap in the sling or bed, depending whether we're out or at home. In the afternoons, you nap in the swing. I'm so thankful that you take naps, little girl!

We're enjoying your smiles and think you're going to be social like your older sisters.

enjoying the new hammock

Sunday, July 7, 2013

And the final birthday post...

Hannah loves her new bike :)

And I get a good workout pushing her around while wearing Tabitha in the sling!

Before too long, she will be peddling on her own and keeping up with Abigail.

Birthday Part Three!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

I am so thankful to be your momma. You give such big hugs and when you're filled with joy, your smile fills your face.

You approach all activities with energy and gusto. You love to sing and jump and play. Your favorite activities  - swinging, blowing bubbles, reading books with mommy (or on your own), riding on the tractor with daddy and riding your new bike. You adore your big and little sisters "Abigayall" and "Abita" and are generous with your kisses and sometimes your toys.

Your vocabulary is growing by the day, and during your "quiet time" (you're currently not napping), you talk and sing to your stuffed bunny and babies.

You have a very strong will, which has caused your mommy to ask the Lord daily and moment by moment for mercy, grace and patience! I pray some day you will follow Jesus and serve him with your resolution, determination, and strength.
very tired at the end of her birth day

opening gifts from her great grandparents


Friday, July 5, 2013

Family Photos when the cousins are exhausted

After a very long couple of days (and weeks) none of the kids wanted to have their pictures taken, making for some rather hilarious family photos. This is real life!

... But tractor rides with Daddy (and Uncle Rodney) are much more fun!

 ...Now that is a classic Hannah look :)

...And so ends Hannah's birthday party #2.