Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Four Months and catch up...

We are back in Houston after two and a half weeks of travels. Ironically, Rodney is not back in Houston. He had to leave on business for Oklahoma City on Tuesday but will be back on Thursday night. So it's just us girls here at home, catching up on life here down south:) Speaking of the south, how quickly I forgot how hot is down here. I took munchkin for a walk last night and came home dripping...

Abigail had her 4 month well-baby check-up on Tuesday, and the doctor is pleased with her progress. Here is the scoop:

Weight: 15 lbs. 4 oz (50%)
Height: 25 1/4 in. (80%)
Head Circumference: 42 cm (75%)

We had a delightful time home in Illinois, though I wish we could have caught up with more people. Abigail got to meet three of her great grandparents and two uncles while home, not to mention scores of friends. It was so good to see our family and friends. I look forward to when we will be back in Peoria.

But for now, we're glad to be home in Houston. Abigail doesn't travel very well when the trip is longer than 6 hours. After about 6 hours, she starts to get frustrated in her carseat. On Saturday, we had to stop several times just to calm her down. As soon as she would come out of the carseat, she would be right as rain and even smiling - sigh. It was a LONG day. But we stopped in Dallas on the way back, so we broke the trip up, which helped. And we even got to see Megan and KC, who Abigail both loved dearly (which is saying a lot, considering she has developed a preference for me and Rodney...). So in some ways, I'm glad we won't be making the long trek for a while... but it was well worth it.

Enjoy the pictures!

Abigail and Great Grandma Joyce

with Great Grandpa Dean

Great Grandpa Dean and Great Grandma Barbara

Grandma, Abigail and Cobi! She enjoyed meeting Cobi and Camus, but the dogs were more interested in the extra attention from us than little Abigail.

Cobi is such a good dog...note how there aren't pictures of Abigail and Camus!

With Uncle Dave (first time holding a baby...hooray!)

Grandma and baby...

Grandpa and baby girl.

And my favorite picture -- taken in the Ozarks.

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David and Jamie said...

What a cute little girl! Congratulations, Katie! Thank you so much for your encouraging note to us. It's so easy to feel discouraged about how Eli is feeding, and exausting, too! How did Abigail develop as a "sucker"? Was it just practice, or when she started to grow? My email is: I'd love to hear from you!
Jamie (Otten) Voss