Friday, May 22, 2009

Family Fun in the Ozarks

It is Friday here in the Ozarks and it is hard to believe that the week is almost over. We left Houston early Saturday morning (6am!) and made our trek that ended up taking close to 15 hours. Abigail did well at first, but I ended up sitting in the back for most of the trip. She didn't like sitting in her carseat! I don't like sitting in the car for that long either, so I wasn't all that surprised. She was fussy most the day, so we breathed a sigh of relief when she finally dozed off towards the end of our trip.

Our resort on the lake has been wonderful. We've cooked up many a great meal, enjoyed time out on the lake, and gotten acquainted with the newest member of the family. Ellie is so tiny! It's hard to remember back to when Abigail was so small.

I am currently very sore. I did venture into my swimming suit and into the lake. I made two boat trip attempts at skiing but wasn't successful. I probably tried close to a dozen times to get up and out of the water. I swallowed a lot of lake water in the process. Perhaps it's my new mommy physique. Maybe next time. Daddy on the other hand has really done well skiing. I've gone out 5 times on the boat, and we even took Abigail out one morning before anyone else was up (to avoid big boats and waves). She promptly fell asleep:) She also got to swim for the first time -- which she seemed to enjoy. I think she'll be a water baby this summer in Houston!

We are so thankful for our family. It will be hard to say our farewells on Saturday, but we look forward to seeing the Hekel side next week.

Enjoying the pool with daddy.

Abigail has loved the outdoors! She loves to listen to all of the new sounds; she is sharpening her observation skills.

Having fun out on the boat:)

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