Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Six Months

Abigail is six months old, and oh how the time flies. She is becoming quite the little mover now that she's mastered rolling over. Rarely do we find her in the same place where we left her in her crib, and she is bound and determined to move around on the floor, just because she can. She still loves her walks and recently graduated to the "big" stroller.

She is fascinated by everything. Here she is playing with the washcloth after getting cleaned up after dinner.

I really do think her teeth will pop through soon. We've had a few rough days - short naps, hands in mouth constantly, and fussing even at bedtime (which she hasn't done for four months...), so I think they'll be here soon.

I always grab the camera too late! I love to hear her laugh and whenever I go to capture her cute little chuckles, the initial thrill of our antics have passed. But it is fun to hear Rodney's repertoire of baby noises!

Rolling over...

She likes to sit with us during mealtimes. You can even hear me chomping on my food (quite loudly...), which amuses our little munchkin! We have a happy little girl.

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