Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confession and a Prayer Request

Confession - I call my pediatrician every week. Yes, it's true. Sometimes it's for silly things (like baby acne -- that is getting oh so much better). Sometimes, it's over first time mom things (color of poop - green is okay per Dr. Pope).

And sometimes, it is for real stuff.

Abigail hasn't been eating all that well (after weeks and weeks of doing well). She fusses after sometimes only 10 minutes (or less) of eating. The Mylicon (gas relief drops) help some, but don't entirely alleviate the problem. My guess - slight acid reflux (because some feedings are better than others).

The nurse diagnosis for today - no spicy food, no chocolate, no onions (Rodney won't object) and no dairy. So I guess I won't get to finish off the Rocky Road or Strawberry Ice Cream in the freezer.

And I'm going to have to work really hard to keep my milk supply. I can already tell that it has decreased just in the last few days.

So that's that...

Princess Abigail is sleeping away, not as soundly as I would hope, and she might need some TLC in a moment.

So if you think of it -- send up a prayer to our Sovereign Heavenly Father on Abigail's behalf.

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jana said...

Katie, Abigail is adorable! I've enjoyed reading your blog and have finally signed up for an account so I can leave a comment. :) I'll be praying for her and the eating issues. It looks like you are doing a great job with her. I did have to smile at your comment about calling the dr. every week. :) Hang in there!