Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5 Weeks Old

Abigail is five weeks old! It's hard to believe how fast she is growing up. I think she actually smiled at me this morning - real smile (and not gas or related to her full tummy). My heart melted.

On Sunday, Rodney and I opted to stay home one more time (it had been a late night and a busy week). We ended up listening to a sermon on-line. Pastor Rich (our pastor at Bethany Baptist in Peoria) was preaching a sanctity of life sermon on abortion. I'm not usually one moved to tears, but looking over at my little one in my husband's arms, remembering the nine months I carried her (feeling her kick and move and grow) and then hearing her first cry after she was born, helped me have a fuller understanding that life is truly a sacred gift. As much as I've always been pro-life, I now have a whole new appreciation for this miracle.

(You can listen to the sermon "The Sacredness of Human Life" at )

This week has been a big one for me and Abigail. We went to my doctor's appointment all by ourselves on Monday and then we went to the grocery store (all by ourselves again) on Tuesday. It has been quite a successful week so far (and I'm back to cooking again - though we did order take out Chinese food last night for supper - yum).

And as always -- I've posted a few pictures.

My self - portrait skills are impressive - wouldn't you agree?

Grandma and Grandpa hold Abigail one more time before catching their flight home.

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Do you have any more pictures of Morris in a bib?