Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Knock on Wood

I've been caught bragging about my little girl.

The first question everyone asks, "Is she sleeping through the night?"

Which is kind of a ridiculous question, since breastfed babies shouldn't be sleeping through the night until they are at least 11 pounds, and then only "some" babies begin to give mom and dad some extra rest. Abigail isn't quite there yet (we'll know for sure on the 23rd). But all in all, she is a great baby. She goes to sleep well at night, with minimal fussing, takes good naps, is cuddly and is starting to smile.

But once I begin to brag up my baby girl, I am given more opportunities to let parenting teach me some much needed lessons on patience and trust.

So yes - Abigail has had a rough few days. She was incredibly fussy almost all day on Saturday, after a fussy night (I was exhausted). Then she was fussy most of Sunday night - from about 10-1am (which I know is still not as bad as it could be). Not wanting to eat, not wanting to sleep, not having to burp...sigh...sigh...and more sighs...

And she despises her tummy time, which is supposed to help her developmentally. I have already said, "I know you don't like this, but it's for the best, Baby Girl," and "This hurts mommy more than it hurts you." But we'll keep at it, and maybe she'll grow out of her loathing for tummy time.

But today has been a better day -- (yes - I think Mylicon may actually help!) From the pictures below, you'd probably never even think such a precious little girl could actually fuss and cry, but alas, she does...

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