Monday, October 24, 2011

ILL - INI !!!

The fighting Illini were undefeated when I took these pictures. Unfortunately, they are now 6-2. But even two consectutive, pathetic losses cannot dampen Rodney's spirits on the weekends. After all, he gets to spend them with his girls!

I love all of these pictures because you cannot miss all of the girls' personality!

She is growing up so fast! Most moms say, "I wish I could just freeze time," but I say, "Bring on the happy baby!" And yes, Hannah is a much happier little lady.

I actually took her in for her 4 month today and she's hanging with her growth curve - meaning she's still in the middle of the bell curve :) She actually enjoys being on her tummy and is quite an active little girl. I'm predicting an early crawler, as she often rotates 90 degrees or scoots forward on her play mate. Only time will tell!

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Sarah said...

You know I love this!! :)