Saturday, October 1, 2011

3 months

"Hi, my name is Hannah, and I am growing up way too fast for my mom. I like to smile and coo, and recently discovered that I like to chew on my hands. My goal - to stick my whole hand in my mouth! When my mom holds me, I even like to stand and bounce around. My mom tells me I'm a drama queen like my big sister because I'm either happy or sad. I'm sad, usually because I'm tired. Sleeping during the day is WAY overrated, so I catch cat naps here and there and like to be held or carried around in one of my mom's many baby slings or carriers. My big sister likes to hold me too. I like to be held until all of her hair gets in my face. She has so much hair! All in all, life is good. I have a great family that loves me, and I love them too."


M & M said...

What a sweet post--and a good way to remember the best moments.

Jamie said...

LOVE the last picture! So sweet!