Saturday, January 31, 2015

for the beauty of the Earth

I am thankful for the beauty of the Earth, particularly on a warm winter day! We were all invigorated by the fresh air after being cooped up inside for previous weeks of bitter cold. The brisk breeze accompanied by the warmth of the sun makes for a lovely afternoon, made lovelier by the antics of little ones and the sound of their laughter.

unzipped :)
Ellie is fast!

a cute little airplane

The highlight of their time outdoors was hunting for corncobs in the field and filling the bucket. Kids don't need toys and homes full of stuff! 

Meanwhile, Hannah was trying to tell Benton what to do. Seriously, more girls to boss me around. Jeepers! Sorry, buddy....

They were eager to drag their bucket full of treasures to the house to show Grandpa and Daddy.

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