Saturday, January 24, 2015

Classic Christmas Day

You can thank Angie for folding my laundry while I upload pictures to the blog! The boys are out operating the chainsaw and driving Rodney's new tractor. Abigail is their beautiful assistant. Hannah is willingly participating in quiet time in my room while her two little sisters are soundly sleeping. Quiet is a rarity in this home, and I am very thankful that my mother in law is helping me keep up with my laundry so I can catch up on my blogging. It is a treat to have family here for the weekend.


Beautiful smiles, ladies! Miss Charis was intently watching her cousin.

 ...the joy of giving and receiving gifts!

Miss Tabitha wondering how she could get to the candy inside the plastic packaging...

The girls helped each other unwrap all of their gifts. It was always a collective effort.

"Thank you, Grandpa!"

This girl is getting so big! 


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