Saturday, January 24, 2015

Color on Christmas Day

We had a very quiet and relaxing Christmas Day celebration with the Harms clan, which was exactly what I needed; grace lavishly poured upon our family at Christmas. Tabitha Grace, actually, threw up in the middle of the night early Christmas Eve Day, so we began our celebrations tired and a little bit on edge. Thankfully, it was probably just something that had not sat well with her little tummy and no one else came down with the stomach bug. With that behind us, I relished a healthy relaxing holiday.

 Opening stockings....

Quietly soaking it all in....

Grandpa was the supervising santa....

Tabitha pulled these M&Ms out of her stocking at the beginning of gift opening and didn't put her candy down the rest of the morning. She also toddled around the living room collecting all of the other candy gifts too!

Happy First Christmas, littlest one!

 Every year, the girls enjoy each others company even more.

Angie and Evalina cooked a delicious Christmas dinner, which is a busy enterprise with six little ones under foot.

...and a birthday cake to celebrate Jesus' birth. 

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