Friday, June 20, 2014

Saturday - an impromptu day

We started off the day with the intention to head to Volcano National Park. After a stop at the Punalu'u Bake shop for coffee and malasadas and a trip to a Saturday farmer's market, we learned that there was a Ka'u coffee festival in a nearby town. We scrapped our plans to head to Volcano National Park and headed to the festival.

We only spent a short while at the festival, long enough to taste lots of coffee and make some coffee purchases. Because I had just had a cup of coffee, I only took a few sips. I hope if we ever get to visit Hawaii again I'm not pregnant or nursing a babe! After the kids had their fill of the local playground, we decided to take our picnic lunch to the nearby Black Sand Beach and go to the national park on another day.

I took a lot of pictures today....

Hannah saying hi to her sister. This was taken at the beginning of the day, when her smiles were fresh.

 And this is what happens when you vacation with your adult child - she insists that she take lots of pictures of you!

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