Monday, January 24, 2011

TWO (almost)

My baby turns two on Thursday! Rodney will be out of town for work, so we'll officially celebrate with cake and presents on Friday. But we'll celebrate with some of her favorites on Thursday. Lucky for mommy, Abigail's favorites are also some of my favorites -- homemade mac n' cheese, Chick fil A, and strawberry milk shakes:)
Miss Abigail is becoming quite the little lady.
  • She is a pro at unprompted "thank yous"
  • Believes that cleanliness is a true virtue ( hands, face, baby doll, high chair...)
  • and is always ready for hugs and snuggling

Some of Abigail's recent milestones:

  • She can count from 1 to 10, and loves counting by twos.
  • Is beginning to recognize more letters of the alphabet. Whenever she sees letters or a word (BMW for instance), she says "EFG" instead of "ABC". I guess it's easier for her to say.
  • Is following more complex directions...
  • Loves to jump and is adding hand motion/movement and spins to her bouncing dance moves.
  • And can put her shoes back on after she takes them off. (socks and other clothing items are another issue altogether).

Last night she chose her devotion book for bedtime reading. Character development is a big part of my prayer life this year for Abigail.

Right now we're focusing on "patience" and "gentleness"...two character qualities that will help when her little brother or sister arrives this summer.

And I'm working on consistency. I have to admit, especially during the long weeks when Rodney is gone, I am not very consistent. I cave to whining and bad behavior goes unaddressed. But all in all, being a mom is such a blessing! The last two years have flown by! As we wait for Baby Harms #2 to arrive this summer, I am trying to intentionally enjoy my one on one time with my sweet little girl.

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