Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Part One

Whew! The last two weeks went by so incredibly fast. We began our tour of the Midwest in Iowa, where we saw my grandparents and mom's side of the family. Before we even recovered from the drive north, we were on our way to Rockford to spend Christmas with the Harms side of the family. Thankfully, the snow flurries began the evening after we arrived in Rockford and continued well into Christmas Eve. They made for a beautiful white Christmas (a big change from sunny, hot Houston -- it was in the 80s the day we began our travel up North!).

The girls really enjoyed each other's company, and we were all pleased that they seemed content to entertain each other! If one of the girls started playing the piano, another was quick to follow suit. If anything, more than ever before, I found myself wishing we all lived closer together. I continue to pray that the girls will be good friends as they become young ladies.

Abigail and Ellie enjoyed unwrapping their Christmas presents, and in typical fashion, Abigail was more taken with the crinkly paper than her actual presents! Here she is lying down on her favorite shiny paper:)

Rodney and I are so thankful for our loving family. I gladly admit that I was sad to leave my in-laws; I felt as though the time flew too quickly. So I count myself a blessed woman!

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