Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Part Two

This was my rocking horse when I was close to Abigail's age!

Our time with my family was incredibly relaxing. My highlights of the time - walking the dogs with my parents, lunch at Sushigawa, watching Bride and Prejudice, and playing lots of games. All 4 members of the Hekel family were sick with colds but all were in good spirits and eager to spend time with us. It was especially wonderful to see my brother, Daniel, home for a brief visit from his overseas adventures. Abigail loved her Uncles and would call them both, "Uncky Dave," as "Uncky Dan" seemed more difficult to say! And of course she loved playing with Camus "Mus" and "Cobi", who were great sports and quite willing to share their love and toys with Abigail.

Again, the trip ended all too soon. I am looking forward to living closer to home.

I love my brothers!

she gave Camus and Cobi lots of hugs...

out for an evening stroll...
Abigail wasn't quite sure what to think about Daniel's facial hair.

celebrating an Illinois double victory!

enjoying unwrapping one of her many gifts...

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