Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated the January birthdays again last Saturday. We had some of our close friends over for brunch and cupcakes midday on Saturday. I decided on brunch for several reasons. One - Abigail loves breakfast food and would be content eating eggs, cinnamon rolls, and fruit 3 meals a day! Two - I was able to prepare all of the food on Friday, which made for a more relaxing Saturday morning:)

Creativity has never been one of my fortes. but I did try my hand at cupcake decorating this year and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My Elmo loving little girl was thrilled with the final product. She got to eat a couple plain mini cupcakes while I decorated, which also made her a very happy little girl.

The picture below was actually taken the Friday after Abigail's birthday, when we had a joint birthday celebration for my two favorite people! Here they are enjoying a new present - a tea set from her mommy. Tea parties are now a regular part of daily play time!
Rodney and I got to celebrate his birthday by going out on a date! We went to Flemings, a steak bistro and wine bar. It was so much fun to get dressed up and enjoy a low lit, quiet meal on beautiful white linens. I am so thankful to be more in love with my dear husband than the day I married him. It was a special night for both of us.


Megan said...

Your cupcakes are AMAZING!!!! Well done, momma!!

M & M said...

Been praying for you. Talk to you soon,