Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Last week, I picked up this Rainforest Jumperoo for Miss Abigail, and we have had fun watching her play and jump and play some more. She ha s also been more vocal lately and has introduced "ba ba..." and "da da..." into her repertoire of baby noises. Sometimes she quietly talks to herself, almost in whispers, and other times she just likes to be heard, as you will hear in the video below.

Seven months is a fun age, and sometimes at the end of the day, I'll sit back and say to myself, "Now what did I actually do today?" This week has been one of those weeks. I have played with Abigail, done laundry, and cooked delicious meals. That's just about it...but...I'm going to be doing a Bible study at our new church, taking a leave of absence from BSF (alas -- I do not have anyone to watch Abigail). But the church study will also be in John and they have childcare, which will be good for Abigail too. I keep praying that I'll meet some other moms close I'm going to try and get involved with a local MOPS group too. Rodney and I are also going to do a small group study at our church, and with Rodney having BSF on Monday nights, we're going to end up with a full schedule.

All that said -- I'm going to try and sit back and enjoy my daughter:) This shouldn't be too difficult since I am a "be--er"... Yes, I like to just "be" and soak it all in. A friend not long ago said that books are like junk food. And yes, I would have to agree. So if I'm not playing with Abigail, I am reading, which is what I'm about to go do now.

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