Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Perfect Timing

Well, I had another doctor appointment today, and I am 2cm dilated! I am only at 36 1/2 weeks, so I'm thinking that Rodney might either get his wish (and have a birthday baby in January) or get to celebrate his birthday "after" the baby is born. It is a comfort knowing that God continues to form our little one and carries him/her in His hands. The timing will be right.

So that is the excitement of the day. And on Friday, I get to meet Baby's pediatrician! I'll keep you updated.

So I am even more thankful that we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with our family in Illinois. The Lord kept my cervix closed so we could travel, and He gave me energy and many nights of restful sleep (not to mention many days of excellent food - not as good for this pregnancy waist line). God was preparing me for the weeks and months ahead (now that my sleep has not been as restful and I am working hard to prepare for our little one to arrive).

Praise God for His goodness!

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