Friday, January 30, 2009

And then there was three: Day 2.5

Day two was a good day. Baby Abigail was sleepy most of the morning but in the afternoon was more alert. Right now this is very exciting but in a week we might be praying for the sleepy state more. She is learning the eating thing as she is not the most aggressive eater but mommy and Abigail keep working at it and she is getting better each day. You can keep praying that she becomes a better eater.

We also had some wonderful visitors yesterday that stopped by and said hi and held Abigail. We also had others that just stopped by shortly because mommy needed to sleep. Today is going to be another day of rest for us. We decided to stay here in the hospital until tomorrow (c-section is a 4 day hospital recovery) and take advantage of all the wonderful helpers here.

And of course what would a post be without some more pictures of our beautiful little girl.

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KevinG said...

Yeah for pictures!! Thank you! She looks like a little white burrito on Rodney's chest.