Saturday, January 14, 2017

Each Girl

Sometimes I get a glimpse of my girl and how grown up she's becoming. The above picture isn't particularly flattering for everyone else, but oh my, my Big Girl looks like she's 7 going on 17. Time, please slow down! I'm thankful that I get to keep her home and let her enjoy her childhood.

silly girl....

 Sweet "T"

 My Baby is getting so big!


Teresa said...

You got new furniture! Probably weird that this is the comment I'm making, but I noticed :).

Also, Abigail does look like she is 7 going on 17!

Hilltops and a Valley of Vision said...

Good eye! We have new to us furniture and have gotten rid of two couches :) we often joke that my two oldest girls are 5 going on 15 and 7 going on 17 because they like to sleep in :)