Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Part Five - Whew!!!

We made one more trip up to Milwaukee to spend more time with my family and meet my brother Daniel's girlfriend, Helen, who had flown over to the United States from Africa. She has grown up all over the world and has duel French/British citizenship. She got a large dose of American culture and cuisine, and I enjoyed listening and learning about some of her formative life events:)

Even though we only spent a short 2.5 days together, it was a delight to see that my brother is himself with Helen. They seem to bring out the best in eachother. Each year, Daniel has grown more comfortable with who God has designed him to be. He has matured (is maturing) into a compassionate, thoughtful and responsible man. I am a proud big sister! I sure do love you little brother!

It was also good to spend the extra couple of days with Dave, who also will be moving onto different and better life opportunities here in the next couple of months. It might have been one of the last times to see both of my brothers for a very long while.

In typical fashion, we enjoyed games, games and more games! But I think one of my highlights of our time in Milwaukee was getting to look at pictures of my brother's time spent in England and the many African countries he has been able to visit with Helen.

the boys sporting some new apparel :)

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