Thursday, May 5, 2011

quick catch up

It's been a while since I've blogged or posted any pictures, mostly because our routines have helped keep us moving to the summer and the birth of Baby Harms. I am now 31.5 weeks (and counting!). I'm still feeling great, though not sleeping as well as I would hope. Rodney got home last night from his annual oil convention around midnight, didn't come to bed until 1am, and then had to deal with his wife tossing and turning until 2am. Poor guy! Poor me too (but I try not to feel too sorry for myself). The day will soon be here when I'll be thankful for six consecutive hours of sleep!

Our weekly activities have all ended for the year, so next week is potty training go time! I have a couple new tricks and rewards up my sleeve. So please be praying that Abigail will have some potty success next week:)

And meanwhile, I'm nesting, which is probably not a surprise to any of my readers who have kiddos. The most wonderful thing about having green, yellow and neutral baby gear is minimal prep for #2! For the most part, I am a frugal minimalist, so I don't really have a ton to do or buy. But I have made my life easier and added a couple additional items to my baby gear. I just made one of my final pre-baby #2 purchases (newborn cloth diapers) :) I think I'm now an official cloth diapering addict; it's quite amusing how much research and joy I have planning to cloth diaper another little one:)

With all that said, I'm thrilled that next week, my hubby will have a less busy schedule (calm before the storm). And the weekend and relaxation is right around the corner.

And as a sidenote:My husband did NOT get into the water. I guess he wanted me to get as much use out of my maternity swimsuit as possible:)

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