Monday, August 25, 2014

Grandma's Retirement - the parties

Angie's work had a retirement celebration for her on Thursday; she had worked for Rosecrance for 30 years. Rosecrance is a facility that treats people with alcohol and drug addictions. I have only been a part of the family for a short time, in comparison, but am thankful for the compassion for people that she instilled in my husband. My husband is an engineer with the heart of a social worker. I know she has poured her emotions, time, and life into countess lives. While I am thrilled that we get to see more of her now that she is retired, I know she will be missed in her work community. I also know that her ministry will continue with her gifts of compassion and mercy. She just won't have all of the paperwork and on-call hours! 

Cake was a particular highlight for the children (and adults!).

 Siblings :)

Friends joined us at the house the next evening to celebrate Angie's retirement. There was a lot of good conversation to go with the delicious food.

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