Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July recap (in short)

July 1st

Rodney made me this delicious rolled Flank Steak for an in-house date night. We ate well after the girls went to bed :) The steak was stuffed with bread crumbs, freshly roasted red pepper, fetta cheese, fresh parsley, and garlic. Yum! I made garlic smashed red potatoes (from our garden) with green beans. We finished off dinner with slices of watermelon.

July 2nd (evening): Rodney went to bed with a fever and chills.

July 5th (morning): We headed to Prompt Care. Rodney still has a fever and chills. They ran tests for Lyme Disease and a host of other diseases. All came back negative.

July 5th (evening): We headed to the ER. Rodney's headache worsens. The lumbar puncture is inconclusive.

July 10th: We headed back to Prompt Care. Rodney still has fever, chills, sweats, rash, and pain. The doctor talked with an infectious Disease doctor over the phone about tests to run. They put him on preventative antibiotics. They tested for Lyme Disease again and a host of other diseases.

July 12th: We received a diagnosis that he has Lyme Disease! We are praising God for a diagnosis. After 11 days of having a fever, chills, rash and pain, we have hope!

July 13th: The antibiotics begin to work, and my husband is feeling better.

When I'm feeling more up to it, I'll share more details. But just wanted to keep y'all up to date!

Meanwhile, here I am busy humoring my eldest who wanted to dress up like a princess with her little sister:)

More news! The curls are gone! My mom cut Abigail's hair last weekend. I LOVE her new big girl hair cut. Less tangles. Less complaining. Less shampoo. Less work for me! Woo hoo! (but I do miss her baby curls a little bit....).

And Hannah has been "walking" for a little over a week. She only takes about 5-8 steps at a time, but she's very steady and careful. We haven't had any accidents or split lips (unlike her sister!). She can get to a stand by herself in the middle of a room too, without holding on to anything or anyone. She definitely has more "body control and awareness" than her sister did at this age, yet another way that they are different :)

The curls are gone, but her hair is still wavy and fluffy (like mine). Here she is jumping up and down!

Our month in short has been a very full one, and it's not even over yet!

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M & M said...

I am so glad Rodney has responded to the antibiotics! We have a friend here with Lymes disease. She has a whole lot of information and done immense amounts of research on it if you find you need more info, lord willing not. So glad to keep up with you guys!