Wednesday, May 23, 2012

stricken but not cast down

 My poor, sweet girl has a yucky case of "Hand, Foot and Mouth" Disease. I knew something was up when on Saturday morning I found her curled up in bed. Three hours later, I woke her up, took her temperature and then proceeded to cancel our Saturday evening plans. The rash started on Sunday and kept us up most of the night. She couldn't get comfortable enough to fall asleep and was in tears, crying, "My feet hurt! Mommy I need medicine!" It's a rather helpless and humbling feeling when kisses and hugs aren't able to quickly take the pain away. Monday was a miserable day, but I can now say that she is on the mend and in better spirits, though the rash still looks terrible.

In so many areas of my life, probably most, I tend towards self-sufficiency. For a twenty-four hour period, the Lord forced me to me knees, reminding me of my utter dependence upon Him and reminding me also of our great need of redemption. Sickness has a way of reminding us of The Fall and yearning for the day when all will be made new and right. Hope is a glorious thing. I am thankful for periods of forced dependency so that I will rely on the Lord in ALL moments.

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Megan said...

Oh my word!! That looks miserable! Poor sweet girl! It's so, SO hard when our littles are hurting ... I'm so glad she's feeling better.