Tuesday, August 2, 2011

lots of snuggle time

The past week flew by, and life with two girls grows easier by the day. I am thankful my husband is home from China, but his travel schedule I fear is back to what it was pre-Hannah. Abigail is becoming quite the grown up little helper, and I am thankful for her patience and comic relief, especially when Hannah is fussy (a given in the evenings). We spent a lot of time reading books and snuggling in bed while Rodney was away:)

In all honesty, it's easy to become frustrated and discouraged by Rodney's travel schedule. But I'm thankful when he is home and look for God's grace and blessings when he is away. Because when I look, I see that my days are full of his mercies, which are truly new every morning.

Hannah, will you have a flare for drama like your big sister?

Hannah is filling out and is starting to become quite a little chunk!

My girlfriend Sarah sent a couple of matching outfits for the girls. Silly me, I hadn't even begun to imagine how much fun it was going to be to dress not one but TWO little girls (who are quite adorable in my very biased opinion!).


Amy K said...

Congrats on little Hannah! I have been absent on the blog world this summer but wanted to say how happy I am for you. :) Sisters are a wonderful thing!!

Sarah said...