Saturday, April 2, 2011


We've had several weeks of routine - Monday errands, Tuesday church study, BSF Wednesdays, and the rest of the week to fill with trips to the library and park, lunch dates, long walks, cooking and more errands (oh and the almost daily laundry and house upkeep!). Routine keeps me sane, especially when my husband has long days at the office or on the road. He was actually in Calgary this week for work, and I'm starting to miss him even more during bathtime. My 26 week old belly is starting to make simple tasks more challenging:)

Abigail thrives on routine as much as I do. She asks everyday to go to BSF "BFee", "see pool", "go slide", "grocery shopping", and "go outside". Our summer schedule will be here in about 5 weeks, which is hard to believe, which means I need to find a maternity swimming suit! We went on a walk and visited the pool yesterday, where we blew bubbles and thought about jumping in. The water gets warmer by the day, and it won't be long until we'll blow bubbles and swim in the pool.

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