Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the season of lent

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I grew up in churches that didn't practice lent, and I missed out. I think there is value to the lenten fast, asI am often so consumed in myself that I hardly sit to meditate on the death of Christ until days before Easter Sunday. So this year, I'm going to practice lent. I don't know what I'm going to give up yet; I haven't given it enough prayerful thought. But I'll let you know.

Dear Lord, please help me understand my finititude and grasp more of your infinitude. Help me to carry my cross and follow you, even if it means suffering. Help me to be obedient out of deep gratitude for your ultimate obedience. I need your grace everyday so that I can be bold for your name's sake, for your glory. Please help me grasp the depths of your love because even while we were yet sinners, you died for us. And as I approach Easter, the celebration of your victory over sin and death, increase my joy and expectancy as we yearn for the day when you will return to Earth.


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Megan said...

I love you friend. I love your heart.