Monday, May 11, 2009

All things new

I love being a mom, yet it was very strange to celebrate Mother's Day yesterday. I am still reveling in the newness of motherhood, and I sometimes still don't feel old enough to be a mom. Rodney took me and Abigail out for lunch yesterday (Carabbas), and the wait staff kept stopping by our table to say hello to Abigail and wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Everyone commented on her chubby cheeks and big eyes and then proceeded to share their own parenting stories. It was quite fun. And we were even able to eat all of our salad and most of our entrees with a fuss free Abigail. It was marvelous.

We're also currently at a new church -- the irony is, more people said hello to us at the restaurant than they did at church, and we've been going now for 6 weeks. Christ's body is so cold at the new church, but the worship and preaching are exceptional. Soooo...Rodney and I are going to stick it out and maybe breathe some life into true fellowship. This summer they're having Thursday night dinner and Bible Study, and I'm signed up to help with VBS, so Rodney and I will take the initiative. I hate sin all the more now, wishing that it hadn't torn our old church in Houston apart and wishing that people weren't so self-consumed. But this makes me step back and say, "God, help me not be self-consumed," as I am the majority of the time (in all honesty).

The good news is: "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." (2 cor. 5:17-18). There is hope for the world, the Body, and for my my own heart as well...

And on a different note all together -- Abigail's new cloth diapers are in the wash. I bought two brands to try on Saturday (FuzziBunz and GroBaby) . I'll let you know how they work. Rodney and I are both excited about cloth diapering, as we're convinced it is the right decision for our family:) I'm so proud of Rodney -- he took a Jeep load of recycling to the center on Saturday and he painted Abigail's bookshelf for her room. I will send pictures of the finished product soon.

And if you check our blog early in the week, please pray that our munchkin won't get sick. I've had a terribly sore throat the past few days and now have a runny nose. I've been taking lots of naps, drinking tons of fluids, and sanitizing myself before I even go near my munchkin. But I "think" and hope that I might be getting better. My throat is wee bit less sore today, which is a blessing. Again, I am thankful for the advantages of breastfeeding -- I give her specific immunity to many diseases (especially ear, nose and throat).

:) -- So let us all pray that I won't have to experience anything "new" as far as sickness goes in all of my mommyhood privileges:)

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