Thursday, February 22, 2018

rain, roots and remembering

It's been a wet end to our week, so we made a concerted effort to spend a lot of time outside at the beginning of our week. 

My days are longer when the days are wet, and I find myself remembering the "why" I homeschool and the "why I need the Gospel and "why" I'm so emotionally and spiritually spent at the end of the day. 

In the evenings when I pray over my children before bed, I've been praying the Words of Psalm 1, that my children would be like trees planted by streams of water, that yield fruit in season, that their leaves would not wither and that in all they do that they would prosper. I am mindful that the Evil One is looking for every opportunity to snatch away the Seeds of the Word of God that we are daily planting in the lives of our children. I pray that the Word of God would take root in their lives and that would drink deeply from the Well of Life. 

These girls have been fighting A LOT lately. They need Words of Life. I NEED Words of Life. I need to keep remembering my own need for the Gospel daily, to empower me to live and love with patience, kindness and much mercy.

And I also want to remember the really sweet times too. 

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